Technical Alliance offers many services. However, one thing is common to them all - our client-focussed approach to every project.

Whether we are supplying audio equipment to a school, integrating a government meeting chamber, designing a multi-venue nightclub, or delivering a Broadway-quality musical, we always start with the client's goals firmly established. This gives us a brief that is consistantly referenced against design options, ensuring alignment to the expected results.

Our services cover four main areas - audiovisual, theatre, production, and venue design. We offer complete solutions for each area of focus.

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Technical Alliance adopts a design methodology

with 5 distinct phases:


The lead project designer engages stakeholders and develops an understanding of the project requirements.

A design brief and scope of works are created.


Project leaders are assigned, and a programme of works is developed.

Further meetings with stakeholders are held to ensure compliance to the design brief.


Demonstration and training of systems to client.

Operations and service manuals created and handed over to client.

Project leaders complete quality and process checklists against project and internal goals.

Warranty information is handed over for the DLP.


The site manager arranges access and safety procedures.

Site inductions for all personnel are conducted.

First fix installed and tested, followed by racking and equipment.

Final fix executed and overseen by quality assurance officer.


Schedule required regular maintenance with client following the DLP.

Client is added to the TA helpdesk portal.

Ensure service calls are attended to wtihin agreed upon time limits.

Business Development team follows up with client to ensure satisfaction.