From concept to closing, Technical Alliance is here to support your next pyrotechnics display in a safe, eye-catching manner. Our design team promises to deliver a show that will inspire, creating an intimate experience like no other. Whether for a festival, a musical, or a nightclub, we always have something to help you deliver your next event in the safest manner possible.

Flames, fireworks and fun times! Operating in December 2019, Ice Cream Factory was the event of the year. Finding a way to develop a "pop-up" festival to be different from the local nightclubs is no easy feat, but with a range of brilliant artists, and some very intimate special effects and pyrotechnic displays, the event went off without a hitch. Our team worked from concept to closing on this project, designing a grand total of 13 different pyrotechnics shows across the festivals 2 main venues.



Design, Programming, Supply and Operation




September 7, 2019. Renovations are done, the room is dark, and the DJ is killing it. Your audience is standing there, raving and ready to go, and then the fireworks start. The crowd goes insane, your venue is all over social media, and suddenly, you're raving again. This was the reality for Metropolis Fremantle after their opening night: an unrivalled experience to anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere.  A fully designed, consistent pyrotechnics display over a three hour period with a crowd of 1000 in close proximity: no mean feat! 



Design, Programming, Supply and Operation


The senior formal. An unforgettable night regardless of where it is, who came with you, and what you do. How does Technical Alliance strive to make that night even more memorable? Fireworks, of course! A fully designed 3 minute fireworks display, shot off 4 surrounding buildings, and this doesn't even include the special effects! Flames, smoke bombs, fireworks and flares - what else could a school ball want?



Design, Programming, Supply and Operation