Aaron is a young gun in and around the entertainment industry. Starting from the age of 14, Aaron began his career in the corporate world, before moving to study at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and further expanding his studies to include Pyrotechnics. Whilst originally qualified as an audio engineer, Aaron has had a hand in almost every element of the production industry, presenting the opportunity for him to travel the world as a production manager, lighting designer, broadcast director and audio engineer.

Aaron's eye for detail inspires him to create spectacular and innovative designs that catch eyes, turn heads and draw crowds. 

After touring the world for six years, Aaron decided to come home and develop his skills further, both in the production and performance industries. A trained flying trapeze and trampoline artist, Aaron has worked on all aspects of performance – both on and off the stage.

It is Aaron’s dream to see the world driven by performance, and it is his firm belief that a performance doesn't simply serve to entertain, but to create a unique and precious moment in time; one that takes the audience away from the world… just for a moment.



Originating in England, Oliver began his career as a classical musician, studying at the University of Western Australia and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Despite his love of playing the piano, Oliver was soon drawn to the technical side of the industry, expanding his studies at the SAE Institute of Australia. 

After graduating in Technical Production, Oliver moved back to England, where he was soon snatched up by the Barbican Theatre to come on board as their production manager. As he moved through Europe, his experience grew, and saw him working on everything from concerts and musicals to feature films and fire festivals.

Specialising in strategy and operations management, Oliver brings a wealth of experience to the TA team. His innovative forward-thinking and dedication to the team inspires high staff productivity and retention. Oliver seeks to challenge and break down embedded workplace traditions and create innovative solutions to reach targets.

His drive for improvement gives him a sharp eye for the world around him, and how we can make it better. He enjoys creating spectacular and meaningful events and venues for the community to enjoy, ushering in a new age for the entertainment industry and culture throughout Australia.




Trained at University of Western Australia and Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, Liam cut his teeth on the performance side of the industry, composing, playing, and even winning awards for his conducting.

Having turned down an offer to study at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London, Liam stayed south of the equator and turned his mind to the technical side of the stage.

Not satisfied studying only one discipline, he quickly became skilled in both lighting and sound design, and used his knowledge of performance to add depth to the team’s understanding of stage design.

Liam has a deep respect for systems and process, and has developed a strong organisational backbone for Technical Alliance’s staff and equipment. To say that he has revolutionised our headquarters would be an understatement.

Having been involved in almost every role in theatre – from performer to director, lighting operator to sound designer, Liam is an extraordinarily well-rounded member of the Technical Alliance family.

Liam is not stopping here – he is a flying trapeze artist, creates, directs and performs his own shows, and is always looking to improve every workspace he finds himself part of. 



Growing up in Western Australia's rich Pilbara region, Sean began his career as an electrical contractor. During his apprenticeship, Sean's inventive mind began to whir, seeing the opportunity to bring a wealth of creativity to the hospitality industry. 

Sean began to develop designs that would enthral crowds, turn heads, and further drive the entertainment and hospitality industries forward as one united front.  

In 2011, Sean founded AVHI Group. Under his direction, a team of 18 people managed a large number of high-profile audio-visual contracts for nightclubs, bars, schools and corporate clients including The Court Hotel, and Microsoft and Uber Head Offices. 

In 2018, Sean undertook one of the biggest projects in Perth: In conjunction with a number of others, he had been brought on board to redesign a nightclub that had lost its spark. This club is now the most attended nightclub in the state, and this can be directly attributed to Sean's design, innovation and commitment. 

Whilst both innovative and strong-willed, Sean has a kind and caring nature, with his main aspiration to see the world become a better place. He firmly believes that the entertainment and production industries have the capacity to change the world for the better. His unique set of talents allow him to turn someone’s imagination into a practical reality.



Originating in IT, Jordan came to Western Australia many years ago on a one-way ticket in search of expanding his career opportunities. Upon his arrival, he was quickly snapped up by the corporate world, where he became a senior lighting technician at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

After spending a number of years in the corporate world, Jordan moved into theatre management, taking over the RNDM Performing Arts Centre in Sorrento. Jordan single-handedly turned this theatre into a professional venue, bringing in a number of regular and professional clients, whilst building educational connections for the students of the nearby school and local theatres. 

Through his development of the RNDM Performing Arts Centre, Jordan was approached by the Australian Performing Arts Network to come on board as a production manager. He oversaw all aspects of production, including organising venues, budgets and teams to produce the professional-standard productions. His credits include Mary Poppins, Legally Blonde and Beauty & the Beast. Jordan's commitment to these shows stem from his love of theatre, inherited from his grandfather.

Having performed in his youth, Jordan has always been heavily involved in the arts, and is inspired by new and technical ways to creatively tell stories.

Jordan can make anything happen. Anywhere, any time.


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